Meet Dr. Adnan Shariff

Dr Adnan Shariff
Wake Forest University (Bachelor of Science Cum Laude)
Graduated from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine- 1997

Assisting in all your podiatric needs!

Podiatry is the field of ankle and foot care. As a podiatrist, I take great pride and honor in being able to help people of Central Florida. Unfortunately, many people don’t take their ankle and foot problems seriously, but there are many medical issues related to the foot and ankle. It is highly important to take care of those issues.

I am not only here as a doctor, but my goal here is to educate my patients how to properly take care of their foot and ankle issues. In order to best help my patients, I find it very important not only to have a doctor-patient relationship with them, but to also develop a personal relationship with my patients. That way, my patients and I can both have a better understanding of how to best assist their needs. I look forward in getting to know you and assisting in all your podiatric needs!

Treatments Offered

As your foot doctor in Central Florida, we know that you visit us for a variety of reasons. That is why we offer a full retinue of podiatry services in our practice. Our services include:



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